Business Consulting

Business Process Improvement

Our deep industry know-how and extensive experience in our clients line of business enables us to analyze established business processes and identify areas for improvement. We see past the technological bias of the current way of doing things, and see the ideal business – what should be happening. While taking advantage of business opportunities discovered along the way, the future state will always consider organizational objectives and keep the clients strategic and operational priorities in mind.

Implementation Design

Solution Design and Architecture

AEI Worldwide helps its clients to define the ideal enterprise solution architecture to support the business objectives enabled in the Business Process Improvement phase. We consult our clients in choosing appropriate systems and technologies and make sure processes, systems, data and technology work seamlessly together.

Our team will help you to define project scope, timelines, milestones, resource requirements,  user roles and responsibilities, application process flows, system setup as well as data migration.  Our experts can assess the need for system interfaces and custom extensions if necessary.  We can support you in the design and build of these.


Full Project Lifecycle Support

AEI Worldwide partners with our clients throughout the complete lifecycle of a project.  We can staff your implementation project with qualified resources to fulfill the design we created with you, and see the project through from design to completion.  Whether you are a new customer or migrating from a previous release, our expert consultants will provide leadership and accountability to drive your projects to a successful delivery within allocated time and budget.

Also, when you flip the switch and go live with the solution, you will want to ensure you have the expertise in house to maintain the solution and be able to open up the hood if necessary –  collaboration with your power users during the course of the implementation is extremely important for us.


Training and Education

AEI Worldwide provides training in Oracle Strategic Network Optimization, Oracle Production Scheduling, and Oracle Demantra Demand Management. When it comes time for your users to start using the system, proper training is necessary.  Much of this is done during the implementation by collaborating with your team, but we also want to ensure your end-users understand how to use the system most efficiently for day-to-day activities and supporting business processes.  The training courses can be individually tailored to your needs, designed for a particular audience, or designed based on your business process and implementation specifics.

Change Management

Change Management and Transformation

At AEI Worldwide, we recognize the challenges of change in our clients’ business. We understand the need of a proper change management strategy and provide guidance for your workforce to execute the transformation process as smoothly and effectively as possible.


Post Go Live Support

At AEI Worldwide, we aren’t big on goodbyes. We want to be partnered with you for the long haul to help and assist you run your ongoing business.  While we will train you to be self-sufficient as possible, the sustainability of all implementations is as important to us as you.