Oracle Production Scheduling

Cloud Production Scheduling

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Cloud SCM & Maintenance Integration to On Premise Production Scheduling

Leverages SCM Work Definition and Work Execution Documents to create Production Scheduling models
Leverages both BICC and Rest Services to communicate to and from the SCM Cloud
Plugs into our existing Rapid Implementation Framework (PS Toolkit) to overlay other features such as attribute based scheduling, campaigns, MPS Planning, Ideal Sequencing and much more
Customers can realize a fast ROI and a fast implementation of PS

Oracle Strategic Network Optimization

Oracle Strategic Network Optimization enables you to solve a wide range of manufacturing, distribution, and logistics problems. You can determine when and where to open or close facilities and production lines, and whether to manufacture internally or to outsource. You can develop and evaluate “what-if” scenarios, including assessments of your competition; and plan for changes in supply, demand, capacity, and new product introductions. You can optimize plans by performing a variety of detailed analyses, including expected profit, new markets, marketing promotions, materials and finished goods sourcing, and inventory builds.

Oracle Demantra

Demand Management

AEI Worldwide can help you utilize Demantra to capture historical sales to produce a good statistical forecast. We believe that a good forecast is the just the start of your demand planning improvement journey. AEI Worldwide can help your organization define an effective forecasting process that is repeatable and dynamic.

Sales and Operations Planning

Collaboration among an organization’s functional areas, including key customers and suppliers, results in an integrated set of plans that all stakeholders understand and are committed to support. AEI Worldwide’s functional and technical expertise in Sales and Operations Planning can you formalize an S&OP process to support your consensus plan.

Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization

AEI Worldwide can help you utlilize Demantra Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization solution to control your sales team’s spending while exceeding sales targets and maximizing promotion return on investment (ROI).

Analytical Engine Tuning

AEI Worldwide can help you improve the performance and forecast quality of the Analytical Engine through tuning. We have deep knowledge of the Analytical Engine forecast models and parameters, casual factors, and proportions configurations that influence the quality of the forecast at the right level.

JD Edwards / VCP Integration

While at Oracle, our managing partner was instrumental in developing integration tools to facilitate integrating JD Edwards Enterprise One to the EBS VCP planning applications. These integration tools can also be leveraged for integration to Oracle Fusion.

Complex Maintenance Repair

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Integration to Legacy Systems

Integrating legacy systems to Oracle Fusion can be a significant challenge for any organization. We can untangle the spaghetti code of embedded business logic, and migrate invaluable data to your new application. Whether deploying point-to-point integration or data hub architecture, AEI Worldwide has helped our customers optimize their technology stack to support systems modernization and transformation.