Shane Hellsten

Managing Partner

  • More than 22 years experience in software development and solutions consulting in the Supply Chain Planning domain. Founding member and lead Product Manager of Oracle’s Production Scheduling solution with an extensive background in many other planning applications, including the integration and design of Production Scheduling features and functions in the Oracle CMRO solution.
  • Shane has managed many large software development projects end to end and has participated in a wide variety of implementations across many industries.
  • Shane holds a Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University and an Executive Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Logistics from York University.

John Chivers

Managing Partner

  • More than 25 years experience in consulting and development in the ERP and Supply Chain Planning areas, with over 15 years dedicated to the Supply Chain Planning domain.
  • Product Manager and designer for E1-VCP integration
  • Product Manager for Oracle Production Scheduling Oracle Strategic Network Optimization and EBS-VCP integration for PS and SNO.
  • John has implemented VCP solutions in a variety of industries including Forestry, Lumber, Food, Alcohol, Consumer Goods/CPG, High Tech, Fashion, Dairy, Industrial Components, Commodities, Construction.
  • John acted as a solution architecture/ solution quality validation role for VCP implementations by third party implementers worldwide.
  • John holds a Bachelor of Technology (Honours) degree focusing on Computer Technologies.

Ryan Hey

Managing Partner

  • Over 12 years of experience in designing, managing, implementing, training, and supporting supply chain solutions.
  • Has implemented Demantra, JDE Demand Management, Production Scheduling, Strategic Network Optimization in Forecasting, S&OP, PTP and strategic solutions.
  • Experienced implementations in global organizations that span many verticals including: Medical, Industrial Components, Consumer Goods/CPG, Food, Alcohol, Supply Chain Outsourcing, and Apparel.
  • Builds and maintains strong, long term relationships with all clients.
  • Ryan holds a Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) degree, double major in Math and in Business Administration, focused on Systems Management.